Where Does Milk Come From?

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Andrew

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About Andrew

Social media is becoming a useful tool for many people, and as a farmer, Andrew is no different. Today, Andrew works alongside his parents on their dairy farm, and he started using social media to share the farm’s story with non-farming Ontarians. In addition, he is helping teach farmers and others working in agricultural about the value of social media on the farm.

1 thought on “Where Does Milk Come From?

  1. Sui

    Hi Andrew, I absolutely appreciate your effort! I got into dairy industry in my mid 40s not knowing anything about it. My goal was to learn hands-on about milk (because I was under the influence of raw milk problem here in BC) and if food was really coming from the poor state of farming like the animal activists were saying. After 10 years of working for local farmers, I am happy to say that I know where the misinformation come from. I’m a convert and agvocate! That’s why I have a great appreciation for someone like you and farmer Tim.

    I just wanted to comment about the farm lingo. The other day I was “chasing” cows as usual (I’m a full-time milker at a small farm in Pitt Meadows BC), and it dawned on me that my city friends would not know what I did when I “chased” cows. I don’t run and chase them like a mad woman, but what if my friends would imagine that was what I did? Without explaining or without them having the chance to see how calmly and swiftly I move the “girls”, they would just politely listen to me and leave with a totally wrong understanding!. I also use a stick when I chase them. If I told my off-farm people this without giving them the chance to see how I work around cows, they would easily form a misguided opinion that I am an animal abuser.

    Maybe if we take a fresh look at farm language, you might be able to come up with a compilation of farm lingo that have totally different meanings. It might be fun and funny, and at the same time maybe revealing.

    Just a thought.


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