What a Load of Sh**!

Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2013 by Andrew

When you have animals, no matter what kind, you have poop. When you have several animals, you can have quite a bit of it. (or the polite term: manure). The good news is manure is very good for the soil. It provides organic matter and nutrients to improve the soil structure which will help a crop grow. Think about the bag of manure you might use for a garden or flowerbed.

On the farm, it is the same idea – just a bigger scale. Today we are cleaning out some cow pens that are full of manure and straw (that we’ve used to make sure the cows always stayed clean and dry) Using a bucket on the front of a tractor, we dig out the manure and dump it into a spreader. That spreader then will head to the field and will throw the manure out the back. Not sure what I mean? Take a look!

Once a pen is cleaned out we put in fresh, clean straw and the heifers quickly settle in. Here are two heifers that don’t waste time getting comfortable.


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