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How Do You Like Your Oats?

Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2013 by Andrew

Oats can make a tasty breakfast. Cows think so too! And while yours may come rolled, boiled and with a bit of cinnamon, for the cows they like them either plain or wrapped up with the stem.  This week we harvested our oats that will be used to feed the cows.

Step one – cut them!


Using our haybine, the green oats are cut into rows. If we waited until they dried – they would sprout while in the bales.


Step two – bale them! Using a round baler, they are baled up while still a bit wet.


 Step three – wrap them! Wrapping them in plastic helps to keep the feed from spoiling.


When we are ready to feed the bales, we will use the loader tractor to put the bales into large feeding boxes that allow the cows to eat whenever they are hungry for snack!