Show Time Part 2: Bath Time & Hair Cuts!

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 by Sarah


Now that the sheep are halter trained and used to people working around them, we take some time to make them pretty! 


Step one: Hair cuts.

We want our sheep to look their best since we’re traveling across the country to show them off. We start off with a haircut. To do this we use special shears that can cut through their wool. The wool is denser than human hair and also contains a special oil called “Lanolin”, so the shears are more heavy duty. Lanolin is actually used in almost all lotions and beauty products!

We like our sheep to have only a little bit of wool on them when they go to the fair. This makes it easier to wash and helps to keep them cleaner between when we wash them and when they are shown.

Step two: Bath time.

Now that all their wool is gone, its easy to wash them. We use a big tank that is filled with water and that allows us to dunk their bodies in and out of the water so we can soap them up.  This is usually done the week before the show so it doesn’t give them much time to get dirty. Once they’re washed, we do a few final touchups with hand shears and make sure that they are all clean with there still is a little bit of wool left. Different breeds can have more wool on their faces and legs than others do.

Some of the sheep even get blowouts!

Step 3: Keep them clean!

With all the work that has gone into making these guys pretty for the show, we want them to stay that way. We do that by putting blankets & hoods


 on them. It definitely makes them look a little funny, but it keeps them much cleaner during the trip and before the show.

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