Planting in Progress

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2013 by Scott


     So I’m sure you’ve all seen farmers out in the field planting in the distance. Maybe you’ve watched them on your way to work, and then later in the season you notice what that particular crop is,  and how it develops.

However, with the variety in the different types of machines, different crops, or even mixed crops, with only this limited exposure, it may be kind of hard to keep straight or notice which machines match which crop.

I took a couple pictures and videos earlier in the planting season and thought it might be beneficial to give our readers a closer look at some of the machines in action, along with the farmers, to show how they keep the process of planting rolling.

Many of you may have seen the seed bags we load into our planters, but may have wondered if there are any more efficient ways to load up planters for bigger fields.

Below is a picture of our soybean bean drill, along with a video of us planting with it in my grandfather’s field down the road, and a picture video of us loading it with seed for the 50-60 acres we planted there this season.

For bulk orders for our own land, we order the seeds in crates or “totes”. These, for comparison sake, are approximately the size of a smart car. From here, we put them in a bin we bought which we can lift in the air with another tractor, and open a chute to let the beans flow into the planter. This saves a lot of manual labor, as well as the packaging that would be used to deliver the same amount of beans if they were in bags (big or small), because these totes are reusable. The video below shows my dad moving the seed with the tractor, me directing it in one of the bins evenly, and my little cousin getting his first attempt at recording video on my first smart phone. Enjoy!