• Road safety reminder!

    Now that spring has arrived, farmers are heading to the fields to get their crops planted for the year. While farmers and the general public are often in a rush to get places when on the roads, we mus ...

  • Get Cracking!

    For egg farmers, the most important thing after making sure their hens are healthy, is making sure that they are producing Grade A eggs. The biggest factor in this is egg shell quality. ...

  • The Milk Truck is Here!

    It’s a great job to be able to produce high quality milk, but what good is it if it doesn’t make it to you? Well, that isn’t something we have to worry about, in part thanks to our very loyal and very ...

  • What Does a Hen Eat?

    Have you ever wondered what a laying hen eats? I’m sure when this first comes to mind you picture a hen in a long ago farm yard foraging for insects in the grass or picking up grain that an old farmer ...

  • Making BIG Changes to Keep the Cows Happy

    Keeping cows happy is one of the most important jobs of a dairy farmer. After all, did you know that happy and comfortable cows give more milk? It's true! If a cow isn't feeling well or isn't comforta ...

  • Tillage...Can be a Considerably Deep Subject

         Within the realm of farming there can be a lot of discrepancy amongst the effectiveness of different cultural practices. Things like natural vs synthetic fertilizer; ...

Dinner Starts Here

Through this website you’ll meet a group of young farmers from Ontario, Canada who are passionate about their chosen careers in agriculture, their livestock and their crops. Each and every one of them feels a strong commitment to this way of life and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

In their blogs, you’ll learn about their day to day lives and how they’re producing everything from berries to beef, milk and eggs to wheat, soybeans, potatoes and maple syrup.

Think about them the next time you sit down to dinner.  After all, to know your farmers is to know your food.

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